Savings Accounts

Wealthfront: Earn 5.00% APY and maximize your emergency funds.

Credit Cards


Monthly Bill Tracker: Stay on top of all your monthly expenses with our monthly bill tracker.

  • Coney: It’s free and syncs with Google Sheets, making expense tracking and budgeting a breeze.
  • Budgey: Another free tool that simplifies expense categorization and transaction editing.
  • LunchMoney: Enjoy a free trial for 30 days, then switch to a pay-what-you-want plan (starting at $40). This desktop app is a toolbox for budgeting, transaction tracking, and managing recurring expenses.
  • Sankeydiagram: A free web tool to visualize your money flows with custom categories.


Auto Loan Refinance Tool: Easily compare your current loan vs your new loan with our Google worksheet.

Auto Loan Calculator: Free online calculator to estimate monthly payment and total interest on an auto loan.

Retirement Planning

Charles Schwab: Open a brokerage account with no balance minimums and zero account fees.

Employer 401(k)

Fidelity NetBenefits: Setup your account with Fidelity and stay on track of your employer sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) plans.

Life Insurance

Policygenius: Get the best deals on life insurance and ensure your loved ones and family are taken care of.

Online Shopping

Rakuten: Earn $30 when you spend $30 or more using Rakuten during checkout. Score amazing cashback and deals just by shopping at your favorite stores!